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Advantages of a Video Inspection

clogged drainsAs anyone who has worked with or otherwise dealt with clogged drains can attest, the situation gets messy fast. Once it is clogged past the point of no return, it can be very hard to observe the inside and see what is going on in your drain. Thankfully, technology has evolved. So much so that Drain Co. has a valuable tool at our disposal to combat this: video inspections. It seems unconventional. However, it certainly improves the results and helps map out a plan.

  • Getting deep without health risks

Bacteria, infested water, and more lurk beneath drains. Exposing yourself to such material can cause significant health risks for professionals and homeowners alike. A video inspection allows us to go into the drain without having to expose ourselves to anything that could impact our health.

  • A better vision

Since they don’t have a lighting system underneath, clogged drains are a mystery that few can solve at first glance. A video inspection provides the up close and personal look we need to see the issue firsthand. With more visibility, Drain Co. can diagnose the problem easier and get to solving it.

  • Instant feedback

Our video inspections involve a screen that is readily available and acts as our window to the inside. We can take a look at it right away and see the issue firsthand, so we can see how the treatment and process works in real time. The improvement will be visible, which offers peace of mind if you’re not so sure your drain needed inspection in the first place.

If you’re dealing with clogged drains and need a solution, Drain Co. is happy to provide a video inspection that will allow everyone involved to see what is happening in real time and find solutions. For more information about what we do, give us a call at (866)-571-6300 and see how we can help you today!