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How To Get Ideal Plumbing System Performance

There’s no doubt that people use plumbing every day and that it should always work. Unfortunately, though, accidents happen and these systems can fail. That’s where a drain cleaning company like Drain Co. comes into the picture. While we will always help customers with their systems, there are a few things people can do every […]

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Advantages of a Video Inspection

As anyone who has worked with or otherwise dealt with clogged drains can attest, the situation gets messy fast. Once it is clogged past the point of no return, it can be very hard to observe the inside and see what is going on in your drain. Thankfully, technology has evolved. So much so that […]

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This Is Why Your Drain Broke

One of the most frustrating things we deal with as homeowners are broken appliances. Almost always it’s a costly, time-consuming, and frustrating process. However, finding the warning signs soon after they are visible can be an efficient way to keep appliances and systems within your household in order. Since indoor plumbing is complicated, there are […]

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Common Habits That Cause Plumbing Issues

While we do our best to maintain important appliances in our homes, we sometimes impact them without noticing. Our habits may be harmless in most aspects of life, but they can wreak havoc on your appliances behind the scenes. Drains, in particular, can become susceptible to damage if you neglect them. Keep an eye on […]

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The Drain Co. Difference

Since plumbing is central to the lives of just about every person, it’s expected that plenty of plumbers exist and do their job. When looking for a new drain cleaning company to hire for your home, one of the biggest questions has to be, “do they do it well?” Drain Co. understands how important it […]

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When Is It Time For a Video Inspection?

Typically, the idea of clogged drains doesn’t bring anything technical to mind. The visuals include tools, grittiness, and hardworking hands. Though plumbing is fairly barebones, there’s still plenty of room for technological advances and cool gadgets to get the job done. Drain Co. offers video inspections, and we are proud of our technology. So, how […]

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Clogged Drains: A Health Disaster

clogged drains

When we encounter difficult situations in our homes like clogged drains, it’s easy to dismiss them. Sometimes, they’re just too complicated and you want to avoid it at all costs. However, some problems can cause health risks, and drains that are in poor shape can cause dangers to you and others in your living space. […]

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Finding the Best Plumber

Defective old faucet and PVC pipe. Cause wastage of water and Drip down

Keeping up with your plumbing system is key, and finding a qualified professional is necessary to get the job done. Whether you require simple repairs or a total overhaul, hiring the best plumber to suit your needs will ensure a successful and efficient process that keeps your system intact. Bear the following qualifiers in mind […]

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Services You Can Count On From Drain Co.

drain cleaner

Though plumbing seems like a rather cut-and-dry industry, it has many more services available than you may expect. Depending on your living space and plumbing system, the procedure(s) you need may vary. Luckily, if you are seeking drain cleaning in Lowell, MA, Drain Co. has a variety of ways we can help you out. The following […]

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Avoid These Drain and Sewer Mistakes

Drain and sewer services are necessary tasks we all use at some point. Though pipes and toilets are less than glamorous, we certainly use them each and every day in our living spaces and they require upkeep. Since they see such consistent use, maintaining them and being aware of their condition is key. Being a […]

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