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This Is Why Your Drain Broke

drain cleaning company One of the most frustrating things we deal with as homeowners are broken appliances. Almost always it’s a costly, time-consuming, and frustrating process. However, finding the warning signs soon after they are visible can be an efficient way to keep appliances and systems within your household in order. Since indoor plumbing is complicated, there are several reasons as to why a drain broke or needs cleaning. After calling a drain cleaning company, bear these indicators in mind.


You may not think cleaning drains is an integral part of your upkeep routine, but it helps immensely. Think about what could happen if you let bacteria and other unsightly items settle in the pipes. The drain would become clogged and cause a mess. If you attend to it now and then, it’ll be in better shape and last longer.

You attempted DIY repairs

We understand how tempting it is to go the DIY route. It’s cheaper, on your terms, and gives you instant results. Unfortunately, some things are just not meant for it – drains being one of them. Next time you notice your drain acting odd, call a drain cleaning company so we can see what’s causing issues.

It’s clogged

While clogs can happen from neglect, that’s not always the case. Sometimes the systems get backed up without people noticing and get challenging to fix. Clogs are debilitating for drains and they can’t perform well while clogged, so make sure you get them cleared whenever possible and as soon as you can.

Faulty parts

Drains aren’t single, uniform systems. There is a host of parts that come with it, and all must work well to get the job done. Drain damage could occur from faulty hardware or pieces. Not all of it is visible, but when you can, observe the external parts and make sure they’re secure and in good shape. When in doubt, call Drain Co.!

There isn’t one uniform cause for drain damage, and keeping up with fixing them can be a headache. Look out for these signs and call Drain Co. – a drain cleaning company that delivers – and you’ll be ready to use your drain(s) again.