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Common Habits That Cause Plumbing Issues

clogged drainsWhile we do our best to maintain important appliances in our homes, we sometimes impact them without noticing. Our habits may be harmless in most aspects of life, but they can wreak havoc on your appliances behind the scenes. Drains, in particular, can become susceptible to damage if you neglect them. Keep an eye on these habits, and you will avoid clogged drains.

1.) Lack of Maintenance

It is too easy to go through life and forget about calling a plumber for routine maintenance, but it is still crucial. Especially if you have older plumbing parts, keeping up with them is best for their functionality.

2.) Placing items Where They Do Not Belong

It’s simple: don’t flush a banana in a toilet or “do your business” in a sink. Specific pipes and other pieces are made individually for each appliance, and you have to make sure you dispose of items properly. Otherwise, you could cause blockage, backup, and more issues.

3.) Ignoring The Abnormal

If you notice your plumbing system not working as it should, it is time to give your local plumber a call. Even if it ends up being something minimal, it is far better to be safe than sorry, and you will prevent any further issues that could arise down the line.

4.) Keep Up With Debris

During renovation, make sure you dust off your pipe lines and any other pieces that come into contact with debris. Debris can cause corrosion or clogged drains, so be sure to keep up with any debris that piles up and keep your pieces clean.

5.) Over-Using Cleaning Items

Keeping items clean is a must for homeowners, and using cleaning agents is a great way to get rid of debris and avoid buildup. However, using it too much can wear down the materials in your pipes and drains. Only use them as recommended, and avoid anything too intense for your appliances.

Avoid these habits, and your plumbing system will stay intact. For any issues you may face with your plumbing, contact Drain Co. and call us at (978)-452-1263 to fix your clogged drains!