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When Is It Time For a Video Inspection?

clogged drainsTypically, the idea of clogged drains doesn’t bring anything technical to mind. The visuals include tools, grittiness, and hardworking hands. Though plumbing is fairly barebones, there’s still plenty of room for technological advances and cool gadgets to get the job done. Drain Co. offers video inspections, and we are proud of our technology. So, how do you know when to invest in it?

1.) When Problems Lie Under the Surface

Plenty of drain problems and signs of decay are obvious on the surface, but drains are complicated. There are many pieces to consider. When your drain system is compromised, it could mean there is something going on underneath. A visual inspection will allow us to see what’s happening.

2.) To Get A Closer Look

More often than not, there is more to something than meets the eye. Perhaps you have an idea of what is going on in your drain system, but a surface gaze won’t cut it. Give Drain Co. a call and we’ll see if your clogged drain needs further inspection with more detail.

3.) A Semi-Annual Checkup

Part of being a good homeowner is making sure each and every appliance and system in your home is running well. It’s always a good idea to take a look at them semi-annually so you know that everything is up to code. A quick video inspection offers a simple, but broad look at your drains that shows us how everything is running.

If you encounter these situations, Drain Co. is happy to offer assistance and provide quality, thorough video inspection of your drain systems. Give us a call today at (866)-571-6300 and see what we can do for you today. From clogged drains to pipe replacement, we can do it all and make your drains function at their best level.